About Us

The building that now houses The Eastside Sports Bar was built back in the early 1900's. It started its days as a china shop for the Dubois Area. Then was sold off and was turned in to a feed store for the local farmers. The feed store was then bought out and turn into Dubois Casket Company, they just built caskets here guys, it was not a funeral home. In the early 40's is when someone bought it and turned it into a bar called Greene's. Shortly after it was sold off again and the name changed the Red and Gold, this is what a lot of you might remember it as. The Red and Gold name stuck for years even through different owners all the way up until the 80's. In the late 80's the name changed to the The Sports Spot. The Sports Spot era was short lived, in the early 90's the bar was purchased and changed again to Busters 2. During this ownership a lot of changes were made to the establishment. For example, the apartments that used to occupy the upstairs were taken out and the upstairs was changed into another full service bar with an indoor golf simulator. The downstairs bar also got a small facelift. The Busters era continued into the early 2000's when it changed names again. It was renamed Time Out Sports Bar, during this time the building saw some small changes, the bartop was redone, and behind the bar changed to give it more of a sports feel with baseball bat accents. The Indoor Golf Simulator was sold off becasue it seemed to have lost its novelty.

In 2004, the bar was sold off again to its current owners. The Kepple family now owns and operates The Eastside Sports Bar. Shortly after purchasing the esablishment they began to make improvements to the establishment, one of the first items to be addressed was the TV's, if this was going to be a sports bar it needed a few big screens! After that one thing after another began to change the floor was replaced, the bar top was replaced, the walls were painted and redecorated with sports decor. New flat screen TV's are being added all the time to make sure your favorite sporting event is on! In 2009, there was a large outside deck added on for outdoor seating. The improvements continue as the years go on to make the Eastside the best bar in the area!

The Eastside welcomes you and your friends to come join us any time to watch you favorite sporting event, enjoy the outside seating or just to stop in and say hello. If you are having a party feel free to contact us about renting the upstairs for a great price! The friendly staff awaits your arrival and the chance to serve you the coldest drink in town! Also check out the menu and grab a bite to eat while you stop in for a cold drink.



*** If anyone has more information on the history of the building or any photos of how it used to look feel free to send them to our email which is listed under the contact us tab ***